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Theme Parks

Days Out


E-Mail Addresses


B- Active is a site for families with children who have special needs or are disabled.

This site will allow you to find out what places in the UK have to offer to YOU!

There will be five areas which you can visit and explore
Theme Parks: this page will give you an option of three Adventure Parks... have a look and see!
Days Out: this page will give you some places where you can go for the day!
Holidays: this page will advertise Activenture; a holiday which is specifically for children of all ages with special needs or have disabilities!
E- Mail: this page will give you links to all the websites that will be mentioned it will also have e-mail addresses so YOU can e-mail the companies with any queries that YOU may have!
Forms: if you have the time I would really much appreciate it if you could fill the form which would help to develop this site to be more user friendly.